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Bubbles Without the Baggage

Based on Vita Coco's campaign idea "Bubbles Without the Baggage," we aim to deliver content that's not only informative but totally entertaining.  Comedy that illustrates the point that Vita Coco Sparkling tastes great but is also healthier when compared to CSD beverages.

With that in mind, here are our proposed concepts/ideas. 

Blind Date

Vita Coco Sparkling is on a blind date with a human.  A play off the word "baggage" we use personality traits for Vita Coco's dates to relate to the bad things in CSD beverages - way too hyper, irritable and out-of-shape from too much sugar. The dates are looking straight into camera, as if to feel they're interacting with the viewer.

DATE 1: The Spaz

We start right on a twenty-something girl, she's talking a mile-a-minute.  A quick cut to her spinning in her chair as fast as she can.  She wants us to time her.  We get glances from other patrons in the restaurant.  Another quick cut to her showing us how she can do the perfect running man dance.  Big text slams on the screen "Too Much Sugar."  We reveal Vita Coco Sparkling sitting across the table "Bubbles Without the Baggage." 

DATE 2: The Crash

A nicely dressed twenty-something man has his head resting on his hand.  His eyes are struggling to stay open as he slowly slumps down onto the table.  His head slams down onto his plate of food (think steak and mashed potatoes) as if it was a pillow.  He begins to snore.  Big text slams on the screen "Sugar Overload."  We reveal Vita Coco Sparkling sitting across the table "Bubbles Without the Baggage."

DATE 3: Out-Of-Shape

A heavier set man is telling us about his boring job.  All the while we hear this creaking noise.  It gets louder and louder.  A closeup of his chair snapping.  He immediately crashes to the ground.  Big text slams on the screen "Too Heavy on the Sugar." We hear him moaning in pain.  We reveal Vita Coco Sparkling sitting across the table "Bubbles Without the Baggage."



A play off the raft scene between Rose and Jack.  "Jack" is hanging on for dear life as he's freezing to death in water.  "Rose" lays on the raft, holding on to Jack in their final moments together.  We can see their breath in the frigid air.  


"I love you Jack".  "D-d-do you think you can scoot over?  I-I-I think I could fit on there t-t-too."  "Oh I'd love to, but I have all my stuff on here."  We cut to a wider shot to reveal a good sized raft with several cases of luggage and various knickknacks surrounding her, packed to the edge.  Closeups of her things as she names them off - "My clothes, my doll collection, all those paintings you did, that sterling silver tea set that I love..." She turns to Jack.  He's speechless, struggling to breathe.  Rose - "Sooorry."  Cut to Vita Coco Sparkling product shot on another raft.  It's roomy and it's all by itself -


"Beverage Without the Baggage."


Clock Out

Set in a corporate, sterile office. We track down a line of cubicles.  Each employee is snoring and passed out at their desk.  We cut to the only employee that is fully awake.  He's on a step stool at the wall, changing the clock's time to 5pm.  A closeup of him smiling taking a sip of Vita Coco Sparkling.  He throws his messenger bag over his shoulder and happily walks out of the office.  "Beverage Without the Baggage" comes on screen.


The Diner

Set in a Diner, we go to an alternate universe where all the food and drinks is straight up sugar.

A waitress brings over a plate with a big pile of Sugar on it.  She sets it down for this larger, heavy set man.  He can't wait to dig in.  She asks "More?"  He smiles and nods politely.  From a pitcher, she tops off his glass with sugar.  We get a closeup of the sugar flowing out.  "Enjoy, dear."  He takes a big spoonful of sugar and puts it in his mouth.  We can hear the sandpaper crunching sound effect.  We cut to his friend sitting directly across from him in the booth, looking at him in shock.  Cut back to his friend now drinking a glass of sugar.  VO "Please don't do this."  A closeup of the friend looking at him in disgust.  A wider shot of the friend taking a sip of Vita Coco Sparkling.  VO "Do this instead."  Product shot of Vita Coco Sparkling - text pops on "Beverage Without the Baggage."


Living Together

Living together has its ups and downs, especially when you're complete opposites.  A couple living together in a studio apartment.  1 representing Vita Coco Sparkling and the other representing CSD beverages.

Here's Johnny!

She sits casually watching TV in the apartment living room.  The intro song of a sitcom starts to play.  Suddenly a fist slams through the wall next to the TV.  Her boyfriend blasts through and starts dancing hard.  She looks at him in shock as he continues to dance with full energy.  Big text slams on the screen "Too Much Sugar."  Cut back to the girlfriend on the couch taking a sip of Vita Coco Sparkling, shaking her head - "Bubbles Without the Baggage."

Robot Scale

She peeks into the bathroom, "You almost done?"  "Just one more thing."  He steps onto this sleek, futuristic-looking scale.  We get a closeup of the display, the numbers start to sky rocket.  He gets a look of concern.  Suddenly we hear the scale start to speak in this robotic voice.  "Please get off me.  Please get off me. Danger.  Danger.  My god.  C'mon."  As if he's never heard this voice before, he looks confused.  Big text slams "Too Heavy on the Sugar."  The girlfriend looks at the scale in confusion too, as she takes a sip of Vita Coco Sparkling - "Bubbles Without the Baggage."


He's in the bathroom doing push-ups, flexing his muscles in the mirror.  He gives himself a wink and walks out the bathroom, "Honey, are you ready?"  He walks into the bedroom filled with candles burning, smoke fills the air.  We see his girlfriend completely asleep, snoring.  Suddenly the smoke alarm goes off and the sprinkler starts to spray.  The boyfriend in shock.  Cut back to a closeup of the girlfriend, now being soaked with water, but she's still snoring.  Big text slams on the screen "Sugar Overload."  He rolls his eyes as he takes a sip of Vita Coco Sparkling - "Bubbles Without Baggage."


Thank you.

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