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Johnny Milord is a non-Oscar, non-Emmy award winning director and producer. He’s directed the likes of many Oscar and Emmy award winning actors but doesn’t feel that those awards or lack thereof should define anyone. Particularly the lack thereof.  

Johnny was recently VP of Comedy Production and Development for Levity Entertainment - where he developed “Damage Control”, a new scripted interactive series for Eko starring Ben Schwartz and Busy Phillips which premiered at Sundance.  Johnny served as show runner and co-director of the series.

Before joining Levity Entertainment Johnny had found success in directing scripted half hour comedy, most recently including “Night Cap” starring Ali Wentworth with guest stars including Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael J. Fox, Whoopi Goldberg, Paul Rudd, and Jim Gaffigan,  Prior to that Johnny created, directed and executive produced “After Lately”, a scripted comedy about the behind the scenes of the Late Night Show “Chelsea Lately”,  And somewhere in between all of that he found time to direct “This Isn’t It”, a Chelsea Handler documentary following Chelsea’s record breaking stand up tour.  

Johnny is from Kansas City, KS and attended College at the University of Colorado, Boulder and currently resides in Del Rey, CA with his very wonderful, very understanding and patient wife, Julie.  They have 2 very wonderful and not very understanding or patient children: Rory, and Goldie.

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