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All Mike Venezia had was a cool idea and a camera but he confidently told his Dad "we're making one of those viral videos that everybody in the world can share." This was his zero-budget directorial debut out of film school, and there was some naive confidence in the air, but Dad didn't question what he said, so he didn't either; it was all just assumed to be true. And a couple months later, it was true. The clip caught fire online and pushed the song to platinum sales. Venezia didn't know much about the world back then but he did learn how powerful and fun it is to imagine possibilities without restriction. Put some deep belief in whatever that thing is, and go for it. Even the "far fetched" stuff.


Since then Venezia directed music videos, documentaries, and branded content for PBS, Hollywood Records, Hyundai, Spotify, ABC Family, and Dodge.


His favorite things in life are authentically connecting with others, practicing hot yoga, and you might catch him facilitating an ayahuasca ceremony or two on the weekends.


Oh, and the pic is of young little Mikey, decked out in a very 1990's fit, on his first film set. His Dad was an art director at Leo Burnett and he wanted to know what making a McDonalds commercial looked like, so he showed him. Seems like he never questioned his path, the whole way.

mcdonalds kid.JPG
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