In order to view the camera feed, simply log into the following Zoom Link on

Tuesday (9/22) and Wednesday (9/23), specific call time TBA.

The video feed will come through the Zoom interface as a participant.  Once logged in, you’ll see a 4 quadrant video feed beaming footage from the 4 cameras on set.  Just like any other zoom call, you can select it as the primary participant or make it full screen.  Clarity and video feed could be impacted depending on the viewer’s internet service and bandwidth.   As with any production, and now viewing through the web, there is always the possibility of technical issues - which we will work diligently to resolve.


We appreciate your patience.   


WHEN: Tue Sep 22 – Wed Sep 23, 2020




Meeting ID: 527 694 6555
Passcode: 8675309