Main Dish​: Mixed marinated tomatoes over a smoked eggplant puree, topped with house made ricotta salata, fresh marjoram and fennel tops.

  • This dish calls forth the bold flavors of Sicily. We like the idea of a vegetarian dish, as Tembi rarely mentions meat in the book.

Dessert​: Muscato chiffon cake with mascarpone cream and sweet wine roasted plums and peaches

  • Tembi experiences heartache in her memoir, and this dish celebrates her resilience with some sweetness.

  • The inclusion of peaches is predicated upon their availability on the shoot day. If they’re no longer in season, we’ll remove them from the dish.


Sparkling White Wine, Grappa, Apricot Liqueur, Italian Bitter Apéritif, Orange Cordial


5-burner gas cooktop, Bella fridge, Smart Oven+, blender, stand mixer with whisk attachment, measuring spoons and cups, bamboo spoon, spatula, slotted turner, tongs, whisk​. Please note the chef may use a different product or two on set, if she feels inspired in the moment.




Main Dish​: Carnitas tacos with salsa roja, lengua tacos with salsa verde, carne asada tacos with chipotle crema. Garnish: cilantro, cotija, diced onion, lime wedges.

  • These three tacos represent the taco spread that Nik and Carlos enjoy on their first date.

  • If we cannot source lengua in LA, our alt will be a shrimp taco with chipotle crema.

Dessert​: Sour cream ice cream with granola crunch

  • This dessert is inspired by the moment in the grocery store when Nik realizes she’s in love with Carlos.


Mezcal, Grapefruit Cordial, Lime Juice, Smoked Salt Rim, Sparkling Mineral Water


Tacos​: ​Smart Oven+ with grill attachment, 5-burner gas cooktop, baking stone or steamer, tongs, blender
Salsas​: ​5-burner gas cooktop, blender, hand blender
Ice Cream​: ​Bella fridge/freezer, Smart Oven+, 5-burner gas cooktop, stand mixer with ice cream maker attachment, measuring devices, spatula, bamboo spatula, whisk

Please note the chef may use a different product or two on set, if she feels inspired in the moment.




Main Dish​: Nashville Hot Chicken, featuring eight pieces of wings and drumsticks, served with dill pickle slices to cut the heat
Side Dish​: Potato Salad

  • This dish is easy to share, just like Kya and Chase’s picnic

  • Both dishes will involve ingredients from the Carolinas

    • Hot chicken - Carolina reaper pepper

    • Potato salad - Peppers, mustard seed

    • In order to tie this dish back to the book as much as possible, Kim will tell the story of her family’s cooking roots in the Carolinas, and how she made her way over to Nashville.


Bourbon, Peach Liqueur, Lemon Juice, Sweet Tea, Mint


5-Burner Gas Cooktop, Canopy Hood, French Door Platinum Refrigerator, Cordless 5-Cup Food Chopper, Tilt head Glass Bowl, Stainless Steel Measuring Cups & Spoons, Silicone basting brush, Scraper Spatula, Tongs (metal), Tongs (with holes), Whisk
Please note the chef may use a different product or two on set, if she feels inspired in the moment.




Main Dish​: Rabbit Stew

  • Rabbit is authentic to Sara’s restaurant, Kismet. It’s one of their iconic dishes.

  • We can sub rockfish (as stonefish also appears in our book passage) or chicken. Our

    preference is to move forward with rabbit, and Sara can mention the subs on set.

  • Sara will intertwine some anecdotes about her mother, who taught her about cooking

    (including the spice blend in the stew). Fun fact: Sara’s mother refuses to eat rabbit, so it’s a little contentious between them that this is one of the dishes she is most celebrated for. There's so much for Sara to play with woven into this choice because of her family backstory, which further supports our episode centering around a dysfunctional​ f​amily vacation.

Side Dish 1​:​ Cucumber labneh dip

Side Dish 2​:​ Malawach bread

  • This bread will be frozen beforehand and we’ll prepare it on the griddle. We like using a frozen bread because it will allow us to discuss how useful the ​KitchenAid griddle​ is. Additionally, the majority of the meal is made from scratch, so we like featuring an easy component, so it’s attainable for our audience.


Vodka, Dry Vermouth, Roasted Lemon, Acacia Honey, Ouzo


Dough/bench scraper, Ladle, Bamboo spoon, Spatulas, Turner or Tongs, Small Food Chopper