It’s time for a fresh take on the food format; a format that turns the page. 


Reese’s Book Club and KitchenAid are here to bring you a different kind of cooking show - a show that focuses on the fun and funny while bringing the book to life. Our book selections are filled with stories ready to leap off the page and onto your plate. KitchenAid is the perfect partner to authentically connect in the kitchen. Grab a knife and fork, and get ready to Eat The Book. 



This is a show about food, but it’s not about the food. It’s about women gathering over food to celebrate friendships

and a shared love of books.


In each episode, our host will recount her favorite moment from a popular Reese’s Book Club pick, then our female chef and the book’s author will bring the moment to life through the creation of a can’t miss dish using KitchenAid cookware and appliances.


Our host will be the throughline in each episode talking directly to our audience, connecting the dots, and providing much-needed comic relief.  She’ll handle the heavy lifting, and our author will be the sous chef.  It all leads up to a get together with the host, chef, and author sharing the dish together.